Coconut wax is processed from coconut meat, and it’s sustainable!  It has a longer burn time than soy wax and it burns much cleaner for the environment.  Coconut wax is much pricier than soy wax due to its harvesting process.  Coconuts wax is eco-friendly with excellent hot and cold scent throw.  Our candles are handcrafted in small batches with love and care, and our scented blends are created from phthalate free fragrances.  We use sustainable wax, cotton wicks and recyclable jars because we take pride by using quality ingredients to create high vibrational candles for our customers. 


Coconut wax candles are in 12oz recyclable containers and have approximately 50+ hours of burn time.


*Coconut wax should be stored between 65-85°F avoid extreme heat and cold (temperatures over 90°F and under 40°F) which will cause damage to the candle.


Eternal Spirit candles are infused with Lightarian Reiki and Candle Magick.  Candle Magick is the art of combining focus and intent to brings forth self-empowerment and manifestation of desires by aligning one’s will with the universal force of creation.  Lightarian Reiki is the highest vibration of reiki energy used to accelerate healing and to raise the vibration of humanity.


What is Lightarian Reiki?

Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation focuses on connecting Lightworkers with the energies of the Celestial Realms in order to support the personal and planetary ascension process.  Lightarian is used to describes and individual who develops and masters etheric light for the expanding spiritual awareness.  It’s a tool in the co-creation of self -empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation for humanity.  Lightarian Reiki is an expanded form of reiki which involves the six higher vibrational bands of reiki.


What is Candle Magick?

Candle Magick is the practice of combining focus and intent to bring forth self-empowerment and manifestation.  Candle magick has been practiced for as long as the dawn of humankind. It’s effective and most importantly safe.  You are not conjuring anything, no evil spirits, demons, or entities. The magick element is drawn from you or your higher self.  It’s a next step to a prayer and it allows you to put energy forth versus just asking for it.


Coconut Wax Candles Varieties and Best Timing for Candle Magick:


Apple Pie Life– Attract Sweetness and Success (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)

Ballah– Increase Cash Flow (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)

Be Legit– Court Case and Legal Victory (Full Moon)

Boomerang D– Masculine Sex Appeal (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)

Don’t Fox with Me– Neutralize Negativity (Waning Moon to Dark Moon)

Good Vibes– Peace and Protection (New Moon to Full Moon)

Hipsta’s Paradise– Uniqueness and Authenticity (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)

Slaying It– Courage and Confidence (New Moon to Full Moon)

Third Eye Open– Increase Intuition (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)

Vixen– Feminine Allure (Waxing Moon to Full Moon)


Ballah– Winter Bayberry Blend

Phthalate-free Scents made in the USA (Original Blend only from Eternal Spirit Candles):

Apple Pie Life– Warm Apple Pie Blend

Be Legit–Rain Blend

Boomerang D– Cool Water Musk Blend

Don’t Fox with Me– Mulberry Herb Blend

Good Vibes– Sandalwood Blend

Hipsta’s Paradise– Nag Champa Blend

Slaying It– Soft Citrus blend

Third Eye Open– Wild Honeysuckle Blend

Vixen– Seductive Plumeria with Sweet Blend

Good Vibes ( Peace and Protection) Coconut Wax Candle

Color: White
  • 12 oz Jar Candle

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