Spiritual Bath for Aura Cleansing

Baths are not only for our physical bodies but also essential for our spiritual bodies. Residual energies can sometimes get attached to our aura causing us to have low energy and emotions. Baths are the such an essential part of any manifestation. Spiritual baths are usually divided into cleansing and protection and attracting and sweetening.

Cleansing baths and protection baths are best performed during the wanning moon phase. The most common are a blend of 9 herbs for 9 day and 13 herbs for 13 days. I personally prefer a blend of over 20 herbs for extra potency. I do recommend boiling the herbs rather than just throwing the herbs into your bath.

Sweetening or attraction baths are best performed during the phase of the waxing moon just as you would in candle magick to attract the things you want. Sweetening baths do not always need to consist of so many herbs as the cleansing bath. The ingredients do not need to be boiled, it can be poured straight into the bath.

Some of my favorite ingredients for cleansing baths are angelica, hyssop, rue, banishing salt, and agrimony. Some of my favorite attraction baths ingredients include almond milk, rose petals, honey, and cinnamon. You can test out different ingredients until you find what really works for you. After a cleansing bath, you should feel lighter and more energetic as if a weight has been lifted. Attraction bath will help you attract many circumstances and people into your life, but it's up to you to determine which ones you wan to keep.


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