Q&A for Common Topics of Discussion from My Sessions

Why are my positive affirmations not working? When our subconscious has not caught up to what we consciously believe, there is a mismatch when it comes to manifesting what we truly want. Since our beliefs are not in vibration alignment with one another, the dominate belief will take over and come forth into our reality.

Why do we often resist change when it is inevitable? Change is constant, and it can be subtle or dramatic. Change can creep up on you or a you can plan for the change to take place. Change happens either way but the part we must fear, is the part we cannot grasp. Instead of allowing the change to occur naturally, we have the tendency to want to force it. Action is not the issue; the issue arises from the resistance generated by misplaced actions. Resistance happens when one goes against the flow.

How do we trust ourselves to act in a way that would unblock the flow? The actions that arise should come from a place of love and inspiration. When we act through fear, we create blocks not just within our bodies but is also projected outwardly in our environment. This can lead to dead end situation we or loops which we are caught up in. Sometimes we are quick to give up and other times we point the finger and blame others for the situations we find ourselves in.

How do we become honest with ourselves and face our fears? What you fear most in life often ends up finding its way to you in life. We can go through these unpleasant cycles for years feeling sorry for ourselves. Feeling sorry for yourself will not help you heal, it’s important to be honest with yourself and find what you are avoiding and hiding. This is not an easy process to see shadow side for what it is. Once you’ve figured out what it is, its important to not judge those aspects of yourself. Those aspects are there to help identify your desires. They are there to protect you in some way whether it be rational or irrational.


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