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Abundance is not all dependent the amount monetary value you make. If you believe solely that you identify is tied to how much money you make or have then your confidence will always be dependent on an external factor. To achieve abundance, you must have the right energy to attract it and receive it. To drawing money, love, popularity, fame, happiness, joy, or anything else you want, you must believe that you are able to have it. Having the mindset that you are deserving of what you want has a lot of correlation to your core self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a practice to incorporate a set of beliefs that propels you to go forward even when nothing is going right in your life. This is a process that is constantly ongoing, but once you achieve a certain level of it from within, it will be much easier to maintain. So you’ve practice some positive affirmations and intention setting but they didn’t manifest, and you start to feel down and bad for yourself. This is a prime example of being in the mindset of a victim in which you block your creativity and ability to manifest. If you really want something today, then chances are you are going to always want that until you achieve it. Don’t give yourself excuses on why you can’t have it, keep setting your intentions and get a plan!

Even if the object of your desires takes you a decade or two to achieve, don’t stop. You can take a break along the road, but never give up else you will always regret it. Once your mind is set for success, there would be no amount of negativity that can deter you from achieving your goals. It’s who you are becoming in the process of the shift that allows you to be in alignment with receiving the things you want. When you are in a state of comfort, you don’t seek to change. It’s only when you are hungry, tired, fed up that you start to crave change. Your state of discomfort this what will propel you forward to become a new person.

The outer cannot change before the inner shifts, because once you say that the old reality is no longer good enough then the universe must deliver something better. This process of you being able to receive the better is often the process that most people struggle with. This will take work internally and sometimes you may even need to change who you are completely inside. That change is worth it, because you’ve allowed the old you to die for the new you to emerge. By shedding those old facets of yourself, you are now ready to fully receive and live. Everything is created in your mind before it becomes a reality, start changing your mindset and start creating today. #SuccessDriven

All My Love,

Enchantress Y


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