Having a healthy relationship with your food

Do you always struggle with eating the wrong portions or feeling guilty for eating the wrong type of foods?

Food has become so readily available in our society today yet our relationship to foods has become unhealthier. So many people are counting calories and making eating a task rather than a time of enjoyment with others. There are some who obsess over eating clean and having a very specific diet while others simply care very little in regards to nutritional value. How do we find the balance of eating well and having happiness with our food choices?

Making good food choices and having a balanced diet really is a bi-product of how well balanced we are within ourselves. There are those who binge and overeat to stuff down their own emotions and those who starve themselves to gain control. These are extreme cases of course and most of us are somewhere in the grey area.

Some people don’t believe that the foods they eat can actually make them crazy, or emotionally imbalanced. It’s simple to say just eat healthy, but everyone has their own definition of what healthy is. Why is it that the foods we eat often end up controlling us and making us addict and become emotionally attached?

Most of us have been conditioned and taught to eat a certain based on our upbringing and what we see others do. It seems as though we never take the time to research what we should really be putting into our bodies. We simply trust that other people know what’s best for us instead of really getting in touch with our own bodies. Foods play one of the biggest roles in our physical and emotional well-being. Couldn’t we all take a little time to invest in the what we are putting into our bodies every day?

These questions are there to help you become more consciously aware of how you are mentally, emotionally and physically when it comes the foods in your life. We can’t have healthy relationship with our foods if we feel guilty after indulging in something. We can’t always commit the crime of gluttony and expect to have a healthy body. We can’t live in a state of abundance and limit all the foods we perceive to be bad. We simply can’t be our best selves when we don’t give our bodies the right amount of fuel.

Ask yourself what it is inside that you really need to change in order to be balanced on the outside. Only you and your body can determine what foods are truly best for you. You are the only one who knows when it’s best to indulge and when you should cut back.


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