Don't Let Fear Take Over

During this uncertain time in our lives, there is currently an energy of fear engulfing our daily decisions. We have become more accustomed to living in the world where the rules are changing rapidly yet we strive to hold on to the security that we once felt. Fear can greatly influence our decision-making process when we believe that we are not in a state of abundance.

What we fear becomes our reality because fear has a strong energetic charge that can blindside our progress. We start to make decisions on an unconscious level driven by our fear of survival when we have been living in a state of lack for some time. The first step to start in a new direction is to take an accurate inventory of your current state. Be honest with yourself and assess your decisions of where it got you so far. Then ask yourself, is this really what you want to perpetuate or do you want to head in a new direction.

Some of you might have a hard time getting a clear vision of where you want to be headed next. This is completely normal for a lot of people, but the important thing in this step is to declutter by starting to get rid of thoughts, ideas, people, things that no longer serve you. This step is often quite challenging and might also take a long period of time depending on your attachment to those the past. This is not to tell you to cut ties with everything and everyone but to have you assess what and who is not serving you in a positive way. It’s important to realize that the baggage you are dragging on your way to success is slowing you down.

Once you make a slight vibrational shift, the fear that has been gripping you for so long will begin to deplete its power over you. The less you focus on what you can’t do and the more you focus on what you are able to do will propel you forward to the next stage of your personal growth. It’s not about how fast you get there but how you are able to maintain your vibration once you get there. If you force this process without changing your vibration and consciousness you will inevitably lose the ground that you’ve gained and will have to start over again. Being honest with yourself is the first step to start in a new direction.


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